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The Road to Nowhere

A happy ending seems unnecessary
when the journey is deep.
When stars awaken you
and love strikes a path.
When silence happens
at any time.
When you fall away
into his arms,
into another world.

The sun within you rises.
You slow down—only for a moment—
but you know you can.
You feel the life you want.
You can breathe it,
almost taste it.
It is not a means to an end
but a path full and rich.
A trek into the unknown
with no light to shine the way
yet every step knows where to go.

There is no happy ending—
only a road
speckled with beauty
and trust
and faith.

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Turning Point

When everything is lost
we realize there is something
that cannot be lost.
Something we have never seen
or touched,
something we cannot name
but we can feel.

It leads us on.

A resilience comes from somewhere else
and we know we can make it —
because there is no other choice 
than to rebuild and start again.
But it is not from scratch.
Our depths have been challenged
and we will never be the same.

And when a community 
shares this experience
there is no telling
where it will lead.

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The world will be saved
by beauty.

Not by guns
or politicians 
or warlords.
But by hummingbirds
and magnolias
and evening serenades.
The sweet succulent fruit
hanging from branches
That’s what will save us.

Morning walks in the fog
a baby's smile
the first petals of spring
A glorious sunset

bringing with it
the hope
of another day.

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Embracing Eternity

Embracing eternity,
I take the path
into the unknown
with deep secrets
and vanishing horizons,
the feeling
of never arriving
because there is no place
where eternity lives.

It is a depth
that can never be reached
a longing
that is never filled
an entwining
that can never be close enough.

It is the endless journey
of life creating itself.

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St. Louis Jazz


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Night Life

Darkness falls
like a womb encasing me
A blanket of care
from the nurturing sky
amid a symphony
of hidden creatures.

The ground calls me
to touch it, relax on it.

Fear slowly leaves
like earthworms
abandoning the hot sun
in search of
damp warm places.

The mystery above
shares its connections
with thousands of years
of recorded history
Sparkles forming shapes
stretching perception.

Images come alive
as the yin of the night
caresses me
challenging my inherent numbness
and something inside softens
as if for the first time.

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Our World

It is our world now.
The one that waits
to be discovered
the one that needs silence
to enter
the one that wants to awaken
to the luminous possibilities
that come from
delving into our depths.

Those who have left
left it to us
to image creatively
beyond our selves
beyond our views
into the eternal essence
of why we are here.

It is our world now.

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Universal Storm

Even the light is shaken,
lost in itself.
Strangers smile,
but friends hedge
on saying they are happy.

As we fall into darkness,
both by season and nation
I trust our united self
will bring us through this one.
Elements that grow larger
by the day:
unearthed hatred and rage,
separatism and fear,
accepted lies, ignored truths,
these are frothing at the mouth

I don’t retreat
as I sign petitions and make calls
and push deeper into my work
my purpose —
continuing the creative process
of God creating me
so that I can create.

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Winter's Silence

What finally got to me
were the children.
The children separated from their parents because
“children can’t follow their parents to jail.”
To jail for what?
For not wanting to be murdered,
raped, tortured?
I respond to the appeal 
to send clothes for the children
to the “justice” department.
Maybe thousands of items of clothing
will arrive from the outpouring of
human hearts.

Having the luxury of too much hot water, 
my favorite sweater just shrunk
when I washed it. 
Now it will fit a young one, a crying one,
to keep her warm in “camp”
if her crying doesn’t raise her temperature enough,
if her heart is cold and empty
without her mother,
if hundreds of other crying children
can’t protect her from the cold.

I want to send it anonymously
since my letter inside is unkind and I don’t
trust what lists are being created.
I learn you cannot put first class stamps
on a priority mail package
and UPS wants my name and
I can’t just leave a box at the post office
that’s over 13 ounces.

So it’s on hold.
I go back to signing petitions.
I go back to my safe life.
Yes, I will send the sweater
when I return from vacation.
When it’s convenient.
And I think of the crying children and I hope
someone does something soon.
Maybe I’ll post a note on Facebook
and someone else will send clothes instead.

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Lost at Sea

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Longings leave
as my heart opens
slowly abandoning
old ways
bringing me into
a satisfied now.

Life holds a fullness.
The kind needed
to let soul flow

My lines follow
as I dance
with ink on paper
and know
this is the beginning
I have been
working towards.

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The Soul is its Own Healer

In the kindness of the world
in the timelessness of the moment
in the deep recesses of the night
through space,
The soul, like a cut
long ago dissolved back into skin,
heals and leaves no scars.

The soul heals
by living in the wonders of the world,
by seeing a grain of sand
for what it is.
The soul heals
unprodded, unanalyzed
asking for only trust and faith
to let it soften the edges of life

and deliver what you need.

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Wishing Well

What is a wish
but a wish for something else
For what could have been
might have been
if only...

For the dark side of life
to not show its face
or to unravel like a dream 
For joys lost
to be found
or what's found
to be lost

For the nonexistent
the lofty, the cure.

What is a wish
but a space for us to enter
to look it in the eye
to delve into the source
where wishes come from
and find that golden coin
buried inside
glistening in the silence

waiting for us to listen. 

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This Ephemeral Life

Seasons pass
in the flow of changing.
Days drift
that cannot be contained
or held down
like music floating in the wind.

This ephemeral life
that we want to understand
want to catch like butterflies
tame like lambs
love like it will love us back the same.
But the horizon
can never be reached
no matter how far we travel.

Here we are
dropped in the middle of the mystery
and there are things
we simply will never know.

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I live inside the day.
This boundary that separates
one time from another
one sequence from the next.
A framework
giving form to the formless.
One day
piled on top of another
broken into minutes, hours, lives.
The breath of the sky
guiding me through dark,
light and dark again.

But it’s the fullness I’ll remember,
the breeze gushing into my lungs
the valleys, moon, stars
feelings that cannot be contained,
the vast worldly otherness
of spirit touching my bones.


Sherrie Lovler’s art background is in western calligraphy. She explains, “Over the years there has been a natural progression of going beyond actual lettering and enjoying the movement and gestures of the letterform. In doing so, my work has taken on a more Asian feel as I explore the freedom of working with a brush and painting larger."

Sherrie is well known in national and international calligraphy circles and is an invited guest in the abstract show at Corrick's Art Trails Gallery, opening reception Friday, August 2nd from 5-7 pm. The show continues throughout August. 637 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95404.

Sherrie is the author and illustrator of the award-winning book On Softer Ground: Paintings, Poems and Calligraphy.

Paint in France with Sherrie Lovler!

July 23-30, 2020
Sorèze, France

Lyrical Abstract Painting

Be inspired by calligraphic form, ink and watercolor to express yourself in a poetic, abstract way.

We will be painting in a fluid and gestural style creating layers, intrigue and depth using a variety of tools for experimentation with line and texture. Beginning with meditation and the ensō (the Zen practice of drawing circles), we will use the brush as an extension of our body to make paintings. Emphasis will be on the uncontrolled parts, where ink meets water and mysteries reside; and where to go from there.

Instruction will include Asian concepts of empty space, chi and wabi-sabi; the elements and principles of design; color theory and painting from poetry. A recurring theme will be the use of contrast to find the next step. By tapping into our intuition, we will create paintings where personal expression and unexpected wonders arise.

Artists of all levels welcome.

Join our small group of six to live in a 400-year-old house for a week in the quaint and lovely village of Sorèze!

For more info, click here.